When we think of two seemingly different things, like apples and oranges, we tend to think of the obvious differences rather than the similarities. But if we look a little deeper, we may find more common ground between seemingly unrelated things than we initially thought. In this article, we’ll take a look at five things in common and uncover the surprising similarities between them.

Unlocking the Hidden Similarities

1. Apples & Oranges

The common comparison between apples and oranges frequently highlights the differences between the two fruits. But upon closer examination, they do share similarities. Both apples and oranges can come in a variety of colors, like green, red and orange. The texture of both fruits ranges from crisp to juicy and their skin is equally delicate and prone to bruising. Plus, to unlock their full potential and gain the most health benefits, both apples and oranges should be eaten uncooked.

2. Music & Art

Music and art may seem like vastly different mediums for expressing creativity, but there are some crossovers. Music relies heavily on timing, which is a concept found in many forms of art. For example, painters and illustrators spend time studying the perfect balance in the composition of their artwork. And many aspiring musicians rely on reading and understanding music theory to comprehend the sophisticated structures of their songs.

3. Cats & Dogs

Cats and dogs are the classic rivals of the animal world, yet there’s a lot they have in common. One of the main similarities is that they both need companionship and social interaction. They both thrive when they’re part of a loving family and enjoy being involved in activities with their owners. Additionally, both cats and dogs require regular food and water, access to appropriate shelter and periodic grooming.

4. Science & Technology

People often talk about science and technology as two totally unrelated areas, but the truth is that these two concepts are intertwined. Technology is shaped by advancements in science and engineering, often developed in response to scientific discoveries. A good example is the development of desktop computers, which was made possible through advances in semiconductor physics and materials science.

5. People & Places

Regardless of where a person lives, everyone shares many common features. Every person has a home and community that shapes their values and beliefs. People also share similar struggles, like the difficulty of finding a job or the pursuit of a stable income. Plus, whether it’s the beach, the mountains or the countryside, most people seek out places that bring them joy and contentment.


Even two very different concepts, such as apples and oranges, can have a lot in common. Many of these similarities can be easy to miss at first glance, but with greater introspection, it’s possible to uncover a multitude of commonalities. By exploring the five things in common mentioned in this article, we can better appreciate the underlying connections between things.

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