What Do You Think Makes a Good Friend?

Friendship is an incredibly important part of life for everybody. Having quality friends to share memories, adventures, laughter and more is a great blessing, so what makes a good friend? Below, we will explore 10 key qualities that make up a good friend.

1. Respect

A good friend will always show respect. No matter the differences between friends, a good friend will value and respect their opinions, feelings, dreams and ambitions. A good friend will not always agree, but will confidently disagree without offending or belittling their friend.

2. Listening

A good friend shows they care by spending time listening, rather than talking. Being able to listen to a person and provide feedback, empowering them to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences should not be underestimated.

3. Loyalty

A loyal friend will support and stay by their friend’s side, no matter how difficult times get. Good friends do not give up on each other, they stick by and accept their share of responsibility when it’s needed.

4. Compassion

Having compassion for a friend means understanding and relating to what they are feeling. Good friends put themselves in another’s shoes, take the time to listen, attempt to understand and offer support where possible.

5. Trust

Without trust, a friendship will not survive. A good friend will not only share personal information and trust in the other, but they will also believe in the trustworthiness and loyalty of their friend. Having complete trust in a friend is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship.

6. Honesty

Honesty and integrity are key for good friends. Being able to be honest and direct with each other is a fantastic foundation for any friendship. Well-meant lies might avoid confrontation for a moment, but eventually it will lead to distrust and tension.

7. Spontaneity

Having fun and good times are all part of being friends. A good friend enjoys being spontaneous and trying out new things. Whether it is a day trip or an evening out, good friends carry each other through the adventure.

8. Support

Supporting a friend means standing by their side and offering emotional, physical and mental support when things are tough. Knowing a good friend has your back during the ups and downs of life is valuable, and often difficult to come by.

9. A Good Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is essential for any friendship. It is great for lightening any situation and helps to keep things in perspective. A friend with a good sense of humor does not take themselves too seriously and is great for adding some fun to any situation.

10. Openness

Being open and vulnerable with each other is one of the best qualities a good friend can have. Having the trust to be open and honest with one another about hopes and dreams, without fear of judgement or ridicule is an incredibly valuable aspect of any friendship.

Good friends provide a sense of support, stability and fun that can be hard to come by outside of a strong friendship. They are there to listen and provide shelter during the ups and downs of life. Ultimately, quality friendships provide love, respect, loyalty and a sense of community that can carry people through even the toughest times.


A good friend is somebody special and unique in every person’s life. From respect and listening to being open and honest, these 10 qualities combine to make a strong, supportive friendship that can last for many years. Where would life be without a good friend?

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